The Valle de Tenza is a region located in the Eastern Ranges of the Colombian Andes and stretches over the department of Boyacá (14 townships) and the department of Cundinamarca (3 townships). The valletenzano scenery is surrounded by majestic mountains where both biodiversity and culture are closely connected creating a unique setting. This peaceful region linked to its inhabitants’ rural daily life offers an attraction site to develop tourism, and in particular rural tourism as an economic alternative. Thanks to the participation of the local communities to show their authentic culture and environment to the visitors, Community-based Rural Tourism has emerged in the Valle de Tenza.



This initiative, initially called “The Braid of the Valle de Tenza”, represents a network of tourism service providers aware of the sustainable practices in the sector. Since 2012, it has grown thanks to the European Union funds, and more recently with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and the Confederación Empresarial de Sociedades Laborales de España (CONFESAL) funds. The Local Economic Development Agencies Network (Red Adelco) in Colombia has been managing this project through 5 agencies. In the Valle de Tenza, the Community-based Rural Tourism Project has been implementing by the Local Action Group (GAL Valletenzano)

Four emotions to experience the Community-based Rural Tourism

Connect to the mountain wisdom   Discover the spectacular landscapes

In the Valle de Tenza, the clouds caress the mountains… A unique and impressive lush geography appears between the mystic páramo landscapes and Piedemonte llanero. This great place is the area of hundreds of fauna and flora species, where human beings have connected to the landscape, building their house, making paths and creating communities.


Walk along the interpretive trails and get to know the history and biodiversity, discover fantastic creatures with your camera, look for emeralds hidden within the earth and get an adrenaline rush provided by the rivers and waterfalls.


Experience a very special coffee Enjoy a tasty coffee to imagine and share

The warm climate and the tree varieties of the Valle de Tenza enable to create the conditions required for the development of one of the best Colombian coffees. The valletenzano coffee has been recognized as a “Special Coffee” thanks to its sweetness and sourness features.


Coffee production has grown in the region based on solidarity and responsible economy which can be seen directly with the coffee producers. Indeed, you can visit the coffee farms and the plant for processing, and of course taste the different coffee preparations that will win your heart.


Learning from the earth                    Put yourself in a Valletenzano’s shoes

Day-to-day and generation after generation, some activities have become ingrained and gained a great deal of knowledge in the rural daily life.


By learning how to make a basket, preparing or tasting the local cooking or knowing how to farm foodstuff in a traditional way, you can feel like to be one Valletenzano/a more. You will also have the chance to chat with the local people, feel the heat of the earth between your hands, enjoy the beauty of colours and the taste of fruits, and feed their spirit by sharing and recognizing the value of a different culture, which help to build peace, union and respect.

Migrate like a bird Enjoy the beauty of whom doesn´t have any borders


Colombia leads the world in avian diversity; it is home to 20% of all bird species on Earth which made the country a dream destination for birdwatching.


The Piedemonte llanero zone of the Valle de Tenza is the favourite place for more than 600 bird species that migrate throughout the country and continent. The sound of throaty warbles and flapping wings, as well as the beautiful colour of these creatures are a unique and wonderful experience for birders, naturalists or adventure-seekers.


In the Valle de Tenza, all birds are welcome!

Guia de Turismo Rural del Valle de Tenza
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